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Default Plenty of Mortgage funds available


Great topic!
With all the negative econonmic news recently... several individuals are asking the same questions.
A recent survey of 12,000 world economists, ranked Canada's banking institutions number one overall. Our banks are conservative when lending money which is a big reason why we shouldn't experience the same turmoil the US is. Last I checked the number of mortgage defaults in Canada is still under 3%.
That being said... there are several mortgage options available to Canadians. Individuals are able to purchase homes with a 5% down payment, and in some cases with Zero down payment using a 5% Cash Back mortgage. Sunshine is correct in saying that good credit and steady employment is a requirement, but, can sometimes be overcome with a strong co-signor.
I've been receiving several rate reduction alerts from lenders the past few days.. with some of the fixed rates moving down by .25%.

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