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Default Hello from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA

Hi All,
By profession I am banker. I have worked with major financial services institutions viz; Standard Chartered Bank, Habib Bank AG Zurich & Royal Bank of Scotland in the Credit Department.

My key job duties and responsibilities entails:

1. Preparing in-depth credit line proposals, disbursement of loans and
monitoring the advances thereafter, till its maturity
2. Responsible for analyzing financial statements
3. Assessed credit worthiness of clients
4. Prepared regular credit and accounting statements for submission to the
corporate office and the national regulatory authority.
5. Responsible for promoting compliance culture within the bank
6. Oversaw and provided training for anti-money laundering procedures
7. Investigated and monitored irregular activities
8. Provided support for internal and external auditors in addition to
managing compliance

Hoping to gain wealth of knowledge from all of you out there! Thanks
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