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Default I am looking for legal advice .Stop payment check for services .

I have a registered alteration home business in Edmonton,Canada. I altered a wedding dress for a customer and her mother made the payment for the service with a $845.00 cheque. I deposited the cheque at the bank. After a few days the cheque was cancelled by the customer. Soon after I received an injurious letter from her, informing me that the dress hasnít been done properly so thatís why she cancelled the cheque. She was informing me also that she is willing to pay half of the amount we agreed on , when she took the wedding dress.

So along with the injurious letter I received a new checque,$400.00, but I couldnít cash it because she used a different name than my business, even though she used the correct one on the mailing letter (on the mailed envelop the name of my business and all the information were correct, not on the cheque though ).

I have done some investigation on the internet and I found pictures from the wedding and the bride looks impeccable in the dress that I have altered and she seemed very happy and satisfied.

I am very upset with all this predicament and I donít know what I can do about it.
Should I take legal action? Can my husband represent me or do I need a lawyer? Should I go for the Small Claim Court? Where can I find information about similar cases?

Any information will be really appreciated.
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