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Originally Posted by tradeup1 View Post
Hi ya'all
I have been having issues with Citi MasterCard, Canada regarding statements.

I rarely receive one so for months I cannot see what is being charged to the card or how much is due when. Result is Balance and interest increases, blocked card on numerous occasions, probably a bad credit rating somewhere, just aggravating

I have contacted them many times asking it to be resolved, they all keep repeating the exact same answer: “System shows it is being sent, nothing else I can do” and refuse to refer me to someone who can do something.
Since I receive all my other mail and some of City MasterCard statements, the problem must be with them, how can I get some action on this?

Another thing, eventually I had enough of it all and called them to get a final balance to pay it off in July. November they finally send a statement with $64,- balance and some kind of threat. So I call them yet again, the rep tells me they can not give a ‘Pay out balance”? Then they won’t send statements for 3 months and tell me I am late with the payment.
Even if I pay this $64,-, there will some residual interest payment left again? It never seems to end!

Does any authority keep an eye on these companies at all?

Can't you simply see your statements online, or Citi doesn't offer this?
Bear with me please
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