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Originally Posted by MollyGroove View Post
I've talked to so many people at Bell its not even funny. I've asked to talk to managers and they all tell me the same thing. "send us this information (the cellular agreement for Sasktel) and we will waive the charges." Which I have done, as I've said, repeatedly. And the sad thing is... my fiance went through basically the exact same thing with them that I did before we met. Bell is by far the worst company. I've had bad experiences with other companies before, but nothing that compares with this.
This is so frustrating! I hope you will get out of this mess soon. One of the things I've learned over the years is never to agree to preauthorized payment. Even if you cancel your contract they will still charge you. One of my friends had to cancel his credit card because they kept billing him every month...Bell or Rogers - the same thing...
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