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With regards to the OP re: unemployment numbers.

[4:30] The unemployment rate is the most lagging economic indicator and has never peaked during a recession. It has always peaked well after a recession has been over.

The historical average is that the unemployment rate peaks 6 months after a recession is long gone.

Originally Posted by Canadian View Post
That's fine but the unemployment is not peaking, and I don't see it peaking for the next 18 months. After that there is no guarantee that we are going back to pre-bubble levels of employment with all the jobs shipped and still shipping to Asia...
Instead of 18 months, the next 1 month...

"Canada's economy created a stunning 79,000 jobs in November as the private sector finally began hiring again."

"The U.S. unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 10 per cent in November as employers cut the smallest number of jobs since the recession began. The better-than-expected job figures are a rare note of encouraging news for the labour market."
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