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Thats the letter he made, you think that will win some hearts for 10-15g loan? With a credit history for 1 year. Think my rating was 630 last time I checked.

I understand that Mr.xxxxx, who is working in my concern as a Painter, has applied for a personal loan from your bank. Mr. xxxxis a man of integrity and is known to me for the past 7 years. He is under our employment for 5 years. I have also enclosed a statement of his salary details, to prove his credit worthiness. I am sure that he is capable of and will repay the Loan regularly, in the event of your sanctioning him the 15,000$ loan.
I Promise you, your bank that Mr. xxx will have a job to pay back the loan in full, Mr. Batt will even advance in his career as a Painter. xxxx not only loves his job, he will be taking over xxxx in the end.
Mr. xxxx makes 17 dollars a hour and works 85 hours bi weekly. Christopher’s paychecks bi weekly is between 1177.60 and 1265.00, which average between 2355.20 and 2530.00 a month.
I very much recommend Mr. xxxxxxx for this loan.

Sincerely, xxxx
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