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Old 12-25-2009, 02:52 AM
warhorse20000 warhorse20000 is offline
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Default Help With Scotia Bank Bonds as the bank refuses and being crooked.

Hello thier , I have some Certificate`s of Deposit Bonds , From Back in the 1980`s , that my parents Gave to me when i was young..

They was never Cashed and When i brought them to the Bank , they refused to honer them , as they said that all the records they had , have been destryed , because they are to old :\

Now these bonds are for sevral thousand dollors , at interest rate 14 1/4 %

renuable every 30 days , with no time limmit on them.

My parebts are still alive and they to tryed to cash them in , and got same problem.

The bonds , show the interest rate , they have a Sir # and are still in mint condition. They also are clearly marked legit , and show the amount and interest.

Now we want to get our money , even face value for the bonds , but we have no clue on what to do..

The bank of nova Scotia is being crooked , and i and we do not no how to take this further!

Any help would be good..

I will also upload a picture of 1 of them , if it would help.

my name is chris and i can be contacted at

im also willing to , and put it in writting to share a persentage of the bonds if cashable to any 1 that can help me get these cashed.

As the bonds total around $9000 before any interest , and thats alot now days.

Any help be good , thankyou and merry christmass
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